Friend's Express, LLC

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Friend's Express LLC. is able to service shippers with same day quotes, custom shipments and reliable delivery because of the many experienced, professionals they work with. Shippers and carriers find Friend's Express, LLC easy to work with because of Friend's Express, LLC’s open source Transportation Management Systems (TMS) software. The customer and carrier portals ensure that information is in real-time so that speed, efficiency and cost effective solutions are easy to find.

By using the latest technologies and its proprietary custom TMS Friend's Express, LLC matches carriers and shippers faster than other third-party logistics options. Freight agencies and carriers have the flexibility to update their availability from any location. This gives Friend's Express, LLC the most accurate and up-to-date tracking of carriers – and carriers are able to pick up more loads without delays in relaying information.

Freight agents and carriers find Friend's Express, LLC the easiest to work with through their Carrier Portal online which takes care of invoices, finding shippers and gives Friend's Express, LLC the ability to pay carriers faster and more consistently, even if the shipper has not yet paid.

If third-party logistics are new to you, the Customer Portal will make your experience - from ordering to delivery to tracking and invoicing - one you will actually enjoy. Friend's Express, LLC works hard to keep costs down by using less paper and more cloud storage. Information is stored on a secure server so there is no threat to the safety of your information. This cloud storage is what makes both the Customer Portal and the Carrier Portal capable of up-to- the-minute information that customers, carriers and agents can access information and file “paper” work instantly from any location.

Friend's Express, LLC has been trusted and relied on for over eight years. Whatever your needs are – as a shipper or carrier – Friend's Express, LLC is the company you want for professional, efficient and timely coordination of your logistical needs.